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Multipurpose defroster N2-ITA112
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  General description of equipment  

Multipurpose mechanized continuous defroster for unfreezing fish and meat blocks with size 600(800)x250(500)x60(100) mm and weighing up to 12 kg

Multipurpose defroster N2-ITA112

It refers to defrosters of irrigant type: defrosting is produced by irrigation of the product with streams of warm water. The sprinkler for washing-up of defrosted basic material is set output, and the initial washing of basic material is already carried out in the defroster. It is one-man operated at the place of block loading. It can be modified for processing of fish blocks with other sizes.


• Continuity of product processing

• High productivity (1000 kg /h)

• In-built washing-up function

• Adaptable for use in automated production lines

Technical characteristics:

Productivity, kg/h


Installed capacity, kW


Water consumption, m3/h,

not more


Steam consumption, kg/h,

not more


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg