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ABSOLUTE RELIABILITY - from the manufacturing process to post-warranty service
Along with constant development of manufacturing process and modernization of various types of equipment, we keep the continuity of tradition established almost 50 years ago: to produce only high-quality equipment. Some time ago the product’s origin was the reliability guarantee and a long steady operation.
The quality of our equipment has been confirmed by Code Certificate of the State Committee of Russia.
The warranty period for all output products is 1 year, but by agreement some units may have larger warranty period.
Before sending equipment to the customer we do necessary equipment presetting for conditions under which it will be used and for the type of processable raw material, then we describe it in details and dispatch cargo. Upon receipt of equipment it should be set and connected.
If it is necessary, our experts will come to supply installation supervision and engineering setup or urgent warranty / post warranty repair. In addition to the warranty and maintenance, you can always order all necessary service parts and receive them in a relatively short time.
EFFICIENCY – trouble-free long-life service of equipment at relatively low cost
Durability and easy maintenance of Russian equipment are noticed almost by all market experts in processing of raw material. Our customers also appreciate the same qualities concerning products of SIA “Rybtehcentr”. Low cost of equipment, compared with foreign analogues, is an additional advantage to the argument “Efficiency”. Russian equipment serves longer on all other things being equal, as many foreign manufacturers do not take into account the additional and overtime loads on machinery in Russian production. We offer the possibility for provision of equipment under leasing agreements even with low cost of equipment.
CUSTOMIZED APPROACH - a solution designed for your manufacturing.
Design-Engineering Bureau of SIA “Rybtehcentr” has almost 50-years development and invention experience, 318 applications for an invention were received, and 234 of them have got a favorable decision; there are 10 employees currently working as upon creating of new types of equipment, as well as on modernization, standardization and improvement of want-satisfying quality of machines presented in product line. Every 3-4 months specialists of Design-Engineering Bureau reach certain, concrete and visible results: innovation or a serious qualitative operating character improvement. Thus, we can develop a production decision directly for your manufacturing.
Filling machine N2-INA 115A currently has stepless electronic regulation of productivity, vibration frequency, but a remote movable control unit of separate mechanisms enables to one adjuster to readjust and perform machines maintenance, that saves time.
Everything is SIMPLE
Russian equipment has traditionally been simple and easy to maintain - it is a fact. Surely, it will be appreciated by staff working at your plant. Ease of maintenance of equipment allows to use less staff per unit of equipment or less time spent by one specialist, that leads to productivity enhancement.
We offer reliability, efficiency, customized approach and ease of use.
As a result you will get assurance, calmness and rhythmically developing business.